by Rebekah Trussler, BSSD Student

Without freedom, I long for rebellion. It’s like being in a room or a closet. When I walk in by choice, I’m content, relaxed. I’ll stay there for as long as I need or want to be there. Now, if I walk into a room and someone locks the door behind me, I’m going to panic. I’m going to forget why I even went there in the first place. I’m going to lose sight of my purpose and do whatever it takes to get out.

When your ability to think for yourself is taken from you, you immediately long to do what everyone is telling you not to do. You lose sight of who you are and the calling you have on your life. It’s this thing inside of you that needs to make its own decisions.

Freedom to me is trust. It’s showing me that you love me enough to trust me and trust me enough to know that I’m going to make good decisions. When I see that you trust me, I genuinely want to do things that are going to please you. Releasing me to make my own decisions makes me feel worthy. It makes me feel honored and respected, and in return, I want to honor back.

Freedom was probably the main thing that brought me back to God. It was the freedom to sin that brought me back to my creator. God created us to choose Him. So why does the church try to force people to God? If He created us to choose Him, then it isn’t going to work any other way.

He created us for freedom. That’s why we long to make our own decisions. God put that desire there. He spoke it into our being. He created us for freedom because He trusts us. Because He knows that we can succeed and He believes that we will.

I believe that He created us to be free because He is free. He created us in His likeness and with His qualities. Why would He shape us after Himself and give us all of these things that He has, except for freedom?

God operates in freedom and love. He chose us on account of His own free will and He wants us to do the same. He wants us to operate in freedom with love just like He does. To be free and to allow other people to be free is releasing the love of God. Walking in freedom (correctly) is honoring my Father and my leadership while expressing the character of God to the world around me. Freedom to me is love, love is trust, and trust is honor.

This post was a response to an assignment given in a class.